Clap your handsRead what my former managers, colleagues, and clients say about me and my work:

“It has been my great pleasure to work with you… In all respects you have achieved a great result… You are right up there with the best of them!”

Doug Fraser, Development Manager at Qualicom Innovations, and Jennifer’s project manager from 2005-2006.

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“Jennifer has excellent writing ability and an advanced understanding of the authoring environment, specifically Adobe FrameMaker and Quadralay WebWorks ePublisher. She is self-motivated, productive, and has consistently demonstrated initiative and sound judgement. She is also pleasant to work with…”

Steve Chalastra, Manager of User Experience at Qualicom Innovations, and Jennifer’s manager from 2005-2006 and 2008-2012.

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“It was a pleasure both professionally and personally working with Jennifer. She takes personal ownership of all her projects, which shows through her effort and the superior quality of her work. Jennifer is self motivated, detail oriented, efficient, a quick learner and an excellent writer. Jennifer will be an asset to any organization that has the good fortune to hire her.”

Jeffrey Karmiol, former Manager of Information Development at Platform Computing (now an IBM company), and Jennifer’s manager from 2003-2004.

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“Jennifer will be an asset to any organization. Her strengths include… the ability to quickly understand technical subjects, excellent project management skills, the willingness and ability to handle complex writing assignments and complete them on time, expertise in FrameMaker, Quadralay WebWorks, Adobe Acrobat and RoboHELP.”

Julie Azoulai, Technical Publications Manager at Mercury Interactive (now HP Software), and Jennifer’s manager from 1997-2002.

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“When I had questions, the online help actually… helped. When I was writing scripts, I used the online help to set up something that worked with an Excel file. It was pretty painless. 🙂 And it was something that wasn’t used in our other tests–I think the fact that I had actually read the documentation helped me to see that this was the perfect solution.”

Lisa Sageev, Tester and WinRunner user at e-sim

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“During her work at the company, Jennifer showed great professionalism, outstanding attention to detail, endless diligence, and the ability to work harmoniously and efficiently as part of a team.”

Robi Chernitsky, Development Manager at Edusoft, Jennifer’s manager from 1995-1996, and the head of the project on which she worked in 1994.

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“Jennifer is bright and diligent and an excellent team player. She is the kind of person who will carry out any task or challenge to the best of her ability. She is a treasure to work with, and I highly recommend her for any position she may seek.”

Sari Sapir, Manager, Quality Assurance at Edusoft, and Jennifer’s manager in 1994.

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“Her language skills are excellent, and she is extremely well organized and thorough in her work… she was always willing and able to take on extra responsibilities beyond the scope of her job, including writing, editing and ensuring that the work flowed smoothly within and through her department.”

Lynda Ben-Menashe, Content Manager (Languages) at Edusoft, and Jennifer’s colleague in 1994.

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“Since working with Jennifer, I’ve found her to be efficient, effective, and self-motivated… Her ability to deal with people at all levels and walks of live are a true testimony to the character of this young woman, who has shown so much maturity.”

Frank A. Wilson, former president of B’nai Brith Canada, who worked with Jennifer from 1988-1990.

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“Jennifer Paton is an outgoing individual with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She would be an asset to any future employer.”

Pearl Gladman, National Director – Field Services at B’nai Brith Canada, and Jennifer’s manager from 1988-1990.

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