Why hire a technical writer?

A technical writer can analyze your user documentation needs based on your audience and user tasks. Good documentation enhances your customer’s user experience, increases satisfaction, and reduces your support costs.

Which technical writer should you hire?

Hiring the right technical writer is crucial, especially for smaller companies that need only occasional writing help.

My extensive experience as a technical writer and editor enables me to complete any documentation project accurately, thoroughly, on time, and with a positive, collaborative attitude.

I have a proven track record of creating documentation that surpasses expectations and satisfies your users’ needs.

I have worked effectively with project managers, development managers, product managers, developers, business analysts, and testers. I have used different print and online authoring tools and learned new ones on the fly. My work consistently meets or exceeds expectations – and I have the references to prove it.

Most important, your users get accurate comprehensive documentation.

Pointing at a computer screenContact me for help with:

  • user, administrator, quick start, and migration guides
  • technical guides, such as installation guides, and API and XML documentation
  • tutorials
  • requirements specifications
  • process guides
  • online help
  • single-source authoring
  • web content

Let me help you make your next documentation project a success. Review my online portfolio, then contact me today to discuss your needs.